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WordPress vs Joomla: Which is Better

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We Compare The Two Content Management Systems.

So you want to start a website, but you aren’t sure if you should go for WordPress or Joomla. WordPress is by far the more used of the two, with some estimations being that WordPress is the CMS for 17%-20% of websites on the entire internet.

A number of hosting companies offer WordPress hosting plans, and then offer discount codes for these offers: So does that mean WordPress is better?

But Joomla has lots of customization features that you won’t find on other platforms. There’s no such thing at ‘Joomla hosting’, but does that mean Joomla is worse?

So which do you choose?

Joomla and the WordPress have pros and cons and some similar features. As …

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Best Joomla-Friendly Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosts for Joomla Websites.

All of the popular content-managements systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more are all software applications. What this means is, some web hosting companies will have servers that work well with your CMS of choice, and others will not.

But don’t worry, hosts that specialize in Joomla compatibility are no more expensive than WordPress hosts. You can get hosting from a major provider like GoDaddy for as little as $1/month (at least with a promo code from godaddy), or as much as $200/month if you want a dedicated server for your website.

While most web hosts will at least have basic compatibility with Joomla, there are some advanced aspects of Joomla that will work on some Linux-based servers, …


Website Hosting Terms Explained:

Some Terms And Definitions Used In Hosting.

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There are currently over 30 million websites using Joomla. It’s a testament to the CMS’s usability and great flexibility. The number of web hosting companies offering Joomla installations to clients has been growing rapidly over the past few years. In fact, it’s become a favorite amongst web designers. But there is still a ‘learning curve’ for Joomla, especially if you are coming from the WordPress world.

So we’ve created a handy glossary of terms to help those new Joomla users.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a WordPress or a Joomla user: every owner of a website should be worried about their security. Even high-profile company websites with entire security departments have fallen prey to hackers in the …

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How Joomla Can Enhance Your Business

How a CMS Enhances Business.

There’s more than one CMS in town. For the past few years, there have been hundreds of custom CMS systems created using either Joomla or WordPress as a starting point. Most of these websites still possess the features of those popular web content management systems and we have seen some that are made of one CMS system while it is being managed with another CMS.

Most developers will use web designing software (like Dreamweaver) and then modify the core technologies to suit their particular client’s needs. But people are still not satisfied with all the available features and are demanding for a more robust, versatile and open source web content management system.

These people’s requests have been answered with …