WordPress vs Joomla: Which is Better

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So you want to start a website, but you aren’t sure if you should go for WordPress or Joomla. WordPress is by far the more used of the two, with some estimations being that WordPress is the CMS for 17%-20% of websites on the entire internet.

A number of hosting companies offer WordPress hosting plans, and then offer discount codes for these offers: CouponCoder.com. So does that mean WordPress is better?

But Joomla has lots of customization features that you won’t find on other platforms. There’s no such thing at ‘Joomla hosting’, but does that mean Joomla is worse?

So which do you choose?

Joomla and the WordPress have pros and cons and some similar features. As both of them are considered effective for the content management, website owners always find it difficult to choose the right one. If you have any confusion regarding both these platforms, then you can go through the following article. In the following article, you will get a clear idea about both these platforms with their merits and advanced features. That will help you to choose the right platform depending on your needs.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the widely used CMS in the current market. Initially, it was started as a simple blogging platform, but now it has evolved into a flexible and powerful website builder. It is inexpensive and can be considered as the best option for the beginner as it offers many tutorials and forums to clear all doubts and to build and design a successful website. Some of the key benefits of the WordPress are that it is easy to install, highly customizable, great community, and affordable. When it comes to the negative points, you will find a few such as for the advanced changes you will have to master WP scripting and CSS. It is simple, but for the complex work, you will need extra knowledge. It is considered as an ideal option for a blog.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a comparatively flexible CMS. Currently, it is known as the backbone of many popular websites. Any site can use this platform to get a proper design and content management system. It has been used in all kinds of businesses including corporations, schools, non-profits business, small and big sites, and much more. Joomla is more technical than the WordPress. If you are a beginner, then you might find it difficult to understand its complex features. You need to have the knowledge of the coding and some software for this platform. Some of the Key benefits of the Joomla are it helps to create an effective social networking and easy eCommerce store creation. But to achieve this end, you need to have a medium level technical ability. Joomla is complex than the WordPress and no one can understand it without a proper knowledge. Some of the negative points of the Joomla are that it is difficult to understand and implement and it demands regular updating.

WordPress Vs Joomla

While WordPress’s strength is simplicity and it can be used by anyone without much knowledge, Joomla’s strength is its complexity. It offers deep level navigation without making any distinction between posts and pages. Some of the major differences are the followings.

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, none of them is considered superior over the othere. You will need some extensions to make your site search engine friendly. If you want to use the WordPress platform, then you can consider Yoast SEO plugin. This is powerful and can offer many advanced features to make you site SEO friendly. For the Joomla, you can consider the Easy Frontend SEO that offers the similar benefits like the Yoast SEO. It helps in many ways such as the editing Meta information and some automatic mode.

Security levels

Both of these platforms are not known for offering the best security features. WordPress is considered more vulnerable. Each WordPress install is different and you will find a plugin for everything but that does not make it secure. Every plugin does not employ a perfect security standard and also remains compatible with other versions of the platform that make it an easy target for the hacking. You might find some more security features in Joomla. It provides a set of security extensions including SSL 2 FA. It is considered more secure than the WordPress.

Customization prospective

Both these CMSs have the plugins and extensions for the benefit of the users. Between these two, WordPress is considered more customizable due to a sheer number of the plugins. It offers wide options for the customizations. When the WordPress offers better customization, the Joomla offers an improved experience with better facilities. If you are looking for the better customization, then you can go with the WordPress. But for the advanced features and improved performance, Joomla will be the right option.

Content management

Both these platforms are popular for the effective content management system. When the WordPress is simple, Joomla is a bit complex. But both of these platforms enable the users to manage and create powerful contents. When it comes to the usages, WordPress is associated with the blogs offering a great solution for landing pages, even to the more complex sites, Joomla is known for the complexity. It offers some amazing documentation. It offers an overall development with an enhanced user experience. The major difference between these two platforms in the content management is that WordPress enables the users to manage the content more easily. Anyone can easily install the WordPress platform and can understand how to create pages and posts within a minute. Even a beginner can start with it without much experience. But for the Joomla, you will need some expertise. You can use Joomla without technical knowledge.

Which one is better?

That depends on your needs and goals. You will have to understand your requirements first. If you are a beginner and have a very little idea about the technology, then you should consider the WordPress. It is easy to understand and implement. If you are a technology savvy and understand the technicalities well, then the Joomla will be the best option for you. It will help you to build a proper social networking. You can choose any of them depending on your requirement and preference. Even if you are not satisfied with chosen one, you can go with the other option anytime.