Best Joomla-Friendly Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosts for Joomla Websites.

All of the popular content-managements systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more are all software applications. What this means is, some web hosting companies will have servers that work well with your CMS of choice, and others will not.

But don’t worry, hosts that specialize in Joomla compatibility are no more expensive than WordPress hosts. You can get hosting from a major provider like GoDaddy for as little as $1/month (at least with a promo code from godaddy), or as much as $200/month if you want a dedicated server for your website.

While most web hosts will at least have basic compatibility with Joomla, there are some advanced aspects of Joomla that will work on some Linux-based servers, but not others. So pay attention to the type of Linux operation system (OS) your company chooses.

Here are three things to look for when choosing web hosting for your Joomla website:

1. Watch out for ‘Official’ Recommendations:

The official foundation recommends Siteground for hosting, but this is a paid sponsorship: there is nothing that Siteground offers that puts them above any other web host.

With Siteground you have the option of having Joomla automatically installed onto your website. But so does every other web host. also recommends Siteground, but they are also a commissions-based website. So if every one is saying it, it must be true…right? No. Don’t pay extra for web hosting just because websites are getting paid to tell you that.

2. Never Choose Windows Hosting

Many people might prefer going for Windows hosting because of popular applications like Outlook or Exchange. But believe us when we say that a Joomla site will not work on a Windows server. Joomla is written in PHP language. Like WordPress, it is free and open source. Therefore it is designed to work on Linux servers.

3. Pay Attention to How Open-Source the Web Host is.

As a general rule, web hosts that like to stay in touch with the open source community will have servers that work best with open source software. For example, Dreamhost is popular in the open source community because of their creation of open-source and royalty free products for the community.

Top 3 Joomla Hosts: