How Joomla Can Enhance Your Business

How a CMS Enhances Business.

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There’s more than one CMS in town. For the past few years, there have been hundreds of custom CMS systems created using either Joomla or WordPress as a starting point. Most of these websites still possess the features of those popular web content management systems and we have seen some that are made of one CMS system while it is being managed with another CMS.

Most developers will use web designing software (like Dreamweaver) and then modify the core technologies to suit their particular client’s needs. But people are still not satisfied with all the available features and are demanding for a more robust, versatile and open source web content management system.

These people’s requests have been answered with this so called web content software. There are also sites that are available in large scale nowadays.

Joomla is no doubt one of the best open-source CMS’s as it can integrate with many operating systems and platforms. That it is open source software has equally made it very flexible to be used with all its features and it is easy to modify and personalized. Joomla has won many awards for being the best and robust content management system.

Joomla is Beginner Friendly.

Adding, deleting and editing of website content can now be done on-the-fly with Joomla. A novice with no web design-related expertise can still create professional websites. Within a few minutes of starting the designing, the website is ready. And if it will be companies, the whole website should be up and running in two hours. There are so many benefits of this CMS to both the businessmen and the entrepreneurs.

An individual with basic computer knowledge and is only familiar with word-processing software can still manage to create websites. It is more or less a liberation to those people who do not know anything about hypertext markup languages (HTML) or programming. There is no need to get or hire a website developer or programmer again if it is just to adjust an image on a page, correct some text on the page or add video to the already running websites. Once the inherent codes of the software is left untouched, it can be personalized and changed to ones desires.

Professional Company Websites on a Cost-Conscious Budget:

While Joomla is the main power behind hundreds of thousands of websites around the world, the CMS is still completely free to download and install. Even hosting is very inexpensive and is ideal for small to medium business owners. It can also be used for large organizations that have to be regularly updating their website contents at a very low-cost.

If the website owner is however comfortable with his work and just wants to add professional touch to his site, then getting Joomla developer is very easy. Just as the software is popular and open source, so also are there many programmers and developers who are specialists in web designing.

Free and Open-Source Support:

There are hundreds of websites and forums related to Joomla where you can have your questions answered. No need for an expensive IT department! Every problem any user is having with the application will always have the answer when googled on the internet. With its features that are simple and web browser dependent, designer can easily create a lot of content pages on their websites and can be modifying them even while the site is opened.