Is Free Hosting Possible?

Can You Open-Source an Entire Website?

To put it simply: yes, it is possible to have a website up and running completely free. But even then, it is extremely difficult (and risky!)

You can get rid of 90% of the hassle by registering a domain for 99 cents (Godaddy will have some if you shop around for the right coupon). You can even use renewal coupons from godaddy to have a domain registered for about $7 average per year. Remember that paid hosting doesn’t have to be expensive either, use a coupon to get it for as low as $1 per month.

There are three main parts to creating a website: registering a domain name, hosting your website, and creating the content for …


Website Hosting Terms Explained:

Some Terms And Definitions Used In Hosting.

joomla questions answered

There are currently over 30 million websites using Joomla. It’s a testament to the CMS’s usability and great flexibility. The number of web hosting companies offering Joomla installations to clients has been growing rapidly over the past few years. In fact, it’s become a favorite amongst web designers. But there is still a ‘learning curve’ for Joomla, especially if you are coming from the WordPress world.

So we’ve created a handy glossary of terms to help those new Joomla users.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a WordPress or a Joomla user: every owner of a website should be worried about their security. Even high-profile company websites with entire security departments have fallen prey to hackers in the …

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How Joomla Can Enhance Your Business

How a CMS Enhances Business.

There’s more than one CMS in town. For the past few years, there have been hundreds of custom CMS systems created using either Joomla or WordPress as a starting point. Most of these websites still possess the features of those popular web content management systems and we have seen some that are made of one CMS system while it is being managed with another CMS.

Most developers will use web designing software (like Dreamweaver) and then modify the core technologies to suit their particular client’s needs. But people are still not satisfied with all the available features and are demanding for a more robust, versatile and open source web content management system.

These people’s requests have been answered with …


What is Joomla?

So What is Joomla Anyway?

Here’s the quick definition: Joomla is a content management system for web sites.

This means that it is a program that allows site owners to build websites and different web applications. Nearly three percent of all websites use Joomla, making it one of the most popular content management systems available.

What is a content management system? A content management system (CMS for short) keeps track of all of the files associated with a website, including video, images, text, and more. Content management systems are a huge boon to users who don’t have much technical know-how, since all of the complicated aspects of managing site content are automatically handled by the content management system itself.

Joomla is Free